Download aadhar Card, Download Duplicate Copy of Eaadhar Card

Download Aadhar Card:- Anyone who are going to download aadhar card they required Enrollment Number, Aadhar Number, DOB, Name and Mobile Number. You don’t require these entire documents but must have any one of these document. If you are missing enrollment number and aadhar number then you have other options to download aadhar card which will discuss in end of this article.

Lot of process, things and functionality has been changing in last three to four year in UIDAI system as well as government offices. Now acceptability of digital document has increased significantly which is good for humankind. Aadhar card has affected lot of after the acceptability of digital changes because more people are going to download aadhar card online from UIDAI website.  We all seen that aadhar has worked in significant way to improve the official website.

Now days, people has changed the perception regarding the official website. But it has not given any information about “How people download aadhar card from aadhar website” which is necessary because many people don’t know the online process. Many new comers come on UIDAI website to Eaadhar card download but due to lack of experience they fear to do anything. So this website fill all gap which is in between UIDAI and Customer through providing correct process of Download Aadhar Card.

Following Things Required for Downloading Aadhar Card

  • Enrollment Number or Aadhar Number
  • Date and Timing of Enrollment number for Aadhar Download
  • Registered Mobile Number as per aadhar application
  • Correct Name according to Aadhar Number
  • PIN code according to aadhar card address

These documents required in the process of downloading aadhar card so you must keep these with you. If you miss any one document from these lists you may not able to download aadhar.

Different Ways to Download Eaadhar Card Online

Digital revolution has changing many things and giving many solution for one problem. It is also playing key role in building aadhar infrastructure, aadhar process, managing huge data of aadhar and in many other ways. So let’s discuss about “How many ways you can download aadhar card?”

  • Download Aadhar Card by Enrollemnt Number
  • Download Aadhar Card by Aadhar Number
  • Aadhar Download with Name and DoB
  • Aadhar Card Download by URN
  • Download Aadhar without Aadhar Number

You can download your aadhar card in following five ways. Each process required one or two aadhar document but steps are somehow same for all five process. If you learn any one process then you can able to download aadhar through any process. These processes are even easier if you have knowledge of computer and Internet.

How to Download Aadhar Card from ?

There is thousands of Indian looking for answer of this question so here you will get answer with proper steps. You must do one thing that follows these steps one by one if you are working on uidai official website. If you not have document like enrollment number then you can use aadhar number but the process are also shame for that.

So here we are describing about How to Download Aadhar Card by Enrollment Number?  Hope you have enrollment number with date and time otherwise chooses another options to download aadhar card.

So steps are:-

Step 1:- All people who want to download they must click on this link

Step 2:- Now you are on UIDAI website where you will see lot of services which is offered by aadhar KIOSK.

Step 3:- In that you should choose “Download Aadhar Card” and wait few moments.

Step 4:- In Download page you should choose download by “Enrollment Id” OR “Aadhaar”, under “I have Section:”

Step 5:- We are working on enrollment number so you also chose same and move for next steps.

Step 6:-Now in next page, you should fill the details like enrollment number, name and all other details.

Step 7:- After that verify your aadhar number with OTP and enter security code after that move toward next.

Step 8:- Now if all things are according to your data then aadhar download will automatically start.

Step 9:- Open downloaded file by entering PIN code of your address according to aadhar card


How to Download Aadhar Card by URN from UIDAI Website

URN means update request number which is a new term and many people confused about enrollment number and URN. You will get URN when you submit the aadhar card for any changes or for correction of aadhar card. It is necessary to know that how to download aadhar card by URN so detailed are given below.

Steps are:-

Step 1:- You will do Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 as given in the above sections “How to download aadhar card by enrollment number”.

Step 2:- After that select the options of download aadhar card by URN so move towards next step.

Step 3:- Fill the application which appear in your screen and always fill right information.

Step 4:- After that verify your details by mobile OTP which is received on registered mobile number.

Step 5:- Fill the security code and click on Download, your download will start on few seconds

Step 6:- Open downloaded file by entering valid PIN Code (as per aadhar card address)

These simple method are available for downloading aadhar card through the official website and it is very simple and easy so any one can learn and try without investing single rupees.


Frequently Asked Question about Aadhar Card Download

Q 1. What is different between aadhar card and eaadhar card?

Ans. There is no difference between aadhar card and eaadhar card when people download from the official website that file know as eaadhar card because it is electronic file or digital file.

Q 2. How can you download aadhar without enrollment number?

Ans. It is very simple and easy. First, you should download enrollment with the help of name, DoB, Mobile and many other. After that you should apply process of downloading aadhar card with enrollment number.

Q 3.  What is URN?

Ans. URN is knows as “update request number”. It is given by UIDAI website when people apply for aadhar card update and change in aadhar card.

Q 4.  How should we open aadhar downloaded file?

Ans. It is very easy. You must open aadhar file through the PIN cord of your address which you have given at the time of applying for aadhar card.

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